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Legalisation / Apostilles
Many countries require that notarised documents are also “legalised” by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and / or the country’s embassy, or consulate. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office attaches a note to the document called an “apostille”, which is also sometimes referred to as “the apostille of the Hague”.

For businesses, I can arrange legalisation through an agent and in urgent cases use the same day premium service.

Documents for individuals can be legalised through an agent, or by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office through the post. The FCO no longer offers a counter service at Milton Keynes.

Legalisation by embassies, or consulates, is often required by countries that are not signatories of the Hague Convention. Give me a call if this is required and I can let you know the costs and likely timescales involved.

More information about legalisation can be found by using the link below:

Foreign & Commonwealth Office